Water is life. Though Goa is endowed with copious rainfall, there are many a constraints in utilisation of the same. Government of Goa is seized with the regulation, development and protection of this precious resources. Various schemes are envisaged and launched by Government and this is a unique scheme being launched by the Government to protect the ground water resources and also to motivate conjunctive use of water. The Scheme is named as “Nital Goem and Nital Baim”.

  • The Scheme is introduced for repairs and renovation of existing wells in the state by individuals/group of individuals or farmers
  • The Scheme is by extending them grant-in- aid in the form of subsidy
  • Objective is to promote conjunctive use and maintain ground water structures
  • This is a beneficiary oriented programme to benefit the multi-users of a well for drinking or irrigation purposes


  • Well should be registered with Water Resources Department
  • Benefit once availed cannot be re-availed for next five years
  • Reimbursement of the repairs which include construction of parapet, plastering with glazed tile pieces, repairs of electric equipment if necessary, cleaning of well including de-watering.
  • Upper limit of reimbursement shall be ₹ 50,000/- per well


Kindly download and go through the notification attached below and make an application to the department in the prescribed format.
The application should be made to the following authority :
Assistant Engineer of WRD in each taluka as notified

You can also apply for this subsidy online by visiting the online services section of the website.


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