To Harness, Utilise, Protect and Regulate the water resources in the State of Goa so as to make optimal use of the same and also save this precious resources for posterity.



To blend the traditional and innovative technological methods to create storages, utilise the same optimally, envisage an effective regulatory mechanism for protecting this resource and envisage protection of environment and lives from fury of water.



The Irrigation Department was set up as per Government Notification No.7/17/1/80 WET, dated 25/6/1981, after re-organisation of the earlier composite Public Works Department (PWD) and started functioning as an independent Department with effect from 1/7/1981.

The Irrigation Department is in-charge of :

  • Major and Medium Irrigation Works
  • Minor Irrigation Works
  • Allied sectors of Command Area Development
  • Flood Control, Anti-Sea Erosion and Drainage Works and
  • Minor Irrigation Works under Hill Area/Western Ghats Development Programme (HADP/WGDP).

Other works include Conservation of Water Resources, Water Shed Development and Development of Water Resources for domestic and industrial use. Its Jurisdiction extends over the entire State of Goa. The Department is re-named as "Department of Water Resources" vide Government Notification No. 23/1/87/GA & D (i), dated 12/12/2000.

The Department is headed by the Chief Engineer (Water Resources) with the Headquarters at Porvorim, Goa. He has been declared as Head of Department under

  • Fundamental and Supplementary Rules
  • Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules and
  • Delegation of Financial Power Rules.

The Chief Engineer is responsible to the Government for efficient administration and general as well as professional control of works within the jurisdiction of the Department and is the Chief Professional Adviser in all matters connected with the Department. He exercises concurrent control with the Audit Officer over the duties of the Department in connection with the maintenance of accounts and in enforcing strict adherence to the regulations concerning disbursement of money, custody of stores and submission of accounts is also declared as an Ex-Officio Additional Secretary.

The Chief Engineer has to prepare annually, the position of budget estimates relating to works under his control and administer grants, monitor the progress of expenditure with a view to see that the grants are fully utilised for the purpose for which it is meant. The general supervision and control of assessment of revenue from irrigation works and other sources rests with the Chief Engineer who has to frame necessary estimates and carefully monitor the progress of realisation during the course of the year for approval.

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