The steps involved in formation of water distribution co-operative society are as follows:

i.       The selection for command area for the formation of  water distribution co-operative societies: Generally 100 ha. Of land or area under one unit  of distribution system is considered for formation of society. However, this can very depend on site situation. Documents such as command area, length of  water-course, crops grown, list of beneficiaries and  command map to be prepared for preparing the registration proposal.

ii.       Motivation of farmers  for the formation of the Society :

          Selection of farmers leaders on each outlet/ water course, direct outlet etc. Regular meetings to be taken so that 100% farmers are motivated for the formation of the society. Minimum 51% of the total number of farmers should decide to form the water distribution co-operative society.

iii.       Minimum of 51% of the total number of farmers should take a meeting for the formation of water distribution co-operative society and should take following resolution.

        a)   Election of promoters atleast 11 promoters and one chief promoter among them who will be authorised to sign documents for registration.

        b)    Selection of name of the society.

        c)    Selection of  area of  operation of the society.

        d)    Object of the society i.e. distribution of irrigation water maintenance and repairs of the structures,  collection of water rates and remittance to the Water Resources Department. Keeping 10%  of the total collection of the working capital.

iv     On written request from the Chief Promoter of the  proposed society, the Superintending Engineer, CADA will issue letter regarding the command area, length of water course and the financial assistance that will be made available to the society on registration and taking over of the water distribution system.

v.         Preparation of registration proposal duly signed by the 11 promoters and submitting to the Assistant  Registrar of the Co-operative Societies, along with letter from the Superintending Engineer, CADA at Sr. No. – IV above.

vi.    Opening of the Bank account in the name of the Chief Promoter.

vii.    On reciept of the registration order  initiate formalities as per Co-operative Society’s Act, Rules and the Bye- laws.

Item Nos. ‘i to iv’ are looked after by the concerned Assistant Engineers and item No. ‘v to vii’ are dealt by Credit incharge, CADA.

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